About Us

Welcome to the “third place.” NursingLink is not your company’s HR web site, not an anonymous job board, but something new and different: a place where your lifelong career needs come home to roost.

Whether you’re a newbie (wondering if nursing is for you) or a veteran, we aim to serve you. Uniquely. Because, unless we’ve missed the boat, there’s no other place that brings together all the tools, content and community you need to get you through your work life.

NursingLink brings nurses together to provide resources and services to advance careers and take advantage of everything a community site has to offer. News, education resources, job search, career networking, advice, and mentorship are just a few of those benefits.

NursingLink is part of Monster Worldwide (Nasdaq: MNST). (For more information about our parent company, visit monsterworldwide.com.) We hope you'll enjoy NursingLink and look forward to seeing you in our community.

You can learn more about all that NursingLink has to offer in the site primer, Power Secrets: Seven Things You Never Knew About NursingLink and by taking the related quiz.

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