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Beat the Toughest Nursing Interview Question

Beat the Toughest Nursing Interview Question

Christina Macres | NursingLink

Tip #4: Demonstrate that you’ve read the job description.

Nothing irks an interviewer or is more disappointing than a nurse who hasn’t done their homework. Not only are you not equipped for the conversation you’re about to have, you’re also confirming that you like wasting people’s time and looking totally unprepared.

Bad interviewee.

What you’re really doing if you don’t prepare and research? You’re just making the interview that much harder on yourself.

Good Idea: Use the hospital’s strengths to capitalize on your own. For instance, if the hospital is largely team-based, mention that you’re a good team player and work best in collaborative environments. While you’re answering, use the specific duties listed in the job description to formulate professional nursing goals. Your interviewer will like that you’re knowledgeable and that your goals fit with those of the hospital.

Remember, going into the interview you should have a clear idea of the hospital environment, the environment you work best in, and what interests you about the nursing position. Is there a specific department unique to this hospital? Is there a special program you want to learn more about? This way you can meld those answers into the inevitable “Where will you be in five years?” question.

Tip #5: Walk a fine line.

Meaning, don’t overshare or be too descriptive when describing the next five years of your professional life. Interviewees tend to answer this question either in a personal nature or by delving into the innermost yearnings of what they want for their future health care careers. Don’t do it! The first response comes off as unprofessional; the second, whiny.

Without going into great detail or mentioning specific positions, communicate to the interviewer that you are motivated, knowledgeable, and eager to take on the position.

Tie your future goals to the potential position and the hospital’s vision and you’re golden.

Knock’em dead!

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