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Clowning Around on Halloween

Clowning Around on Halloween

Rob Cameron | Scrubs Magazine

For a change of pace and with Halloween happening tomorrow, I thought I would write about one of my favorite nursing/ER stories from Halloween a few years ago.

I was recently off orientation at a new Level I ER. It was Halloween night, AND the night of the Insane Clown Posse concert. Most of the crowd at these concerts is teenage boys, drinking doing drugs….and best of all, wearing clown makeup to the concerts.

It was about 1:00am on Halloween night. I was told by the charge nurse that I had a new patient in room 5F, an intoxicated 16 year old male from the concert (5F was the “quiet room” that had a door to close for out of control patients to calm down in). I was busy, so I peeked in to check on him, he was asleep in bed, so I went on my way and would come back and see him in a few minutes.

After about 30 minutes I finally had time to go see him, assess him and get some vital signs. When I walked in the room he wasn’t in bed. The bed was about a foot from the wall, so I thought maybe he rolled out of bed, so I leaned over to see if he was on the floor. Just then……the door slammed behind me.

Squatted down in the corner behind the door was a 16 year old guy in clown makeup. All I could say with my back turned him was “What’s up Dude?” Just then, he jumped at me. It was like a steel cage match. We were kicking, punching, spitting and cussing. There was tables getting knocked over and blood flying from both of us.

Now remember, he is 16 years old, in shape, and loaded with booze and who knows what else….and I was 30 something, over-weight, tired from night shift, he was beating the snot out of me.

I don’t know how, but I finally got him face down on the ground, with his arm behind him, one knee on his neck and the other pressing down on his kidney. I couldn’t reach the door without letting go of him, so I started yelling for help. I was tired from the fight, so I couldn’t muster up much of a yell, and the rest of the ED filled with screaming, hollering drunks.

Finally, one of my female colleagues opened the door and in her sweet little voice said “Do you need help?” Calmly, I said yes, please get some help for me. She proceeded to close the door and walk away.

Help finally came and he was taken care of, as was I. But I never again worked the night of the Insane Clown Posse concert.

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