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Top Nursing Gear Must-Haves

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If you’re a seasoned nurse, you may be wondering: How can I be more efficient at my job? Have I really found the best pair of shoes?

And if you’re a nursing student, you may be thinking: Can I get away with a cheap stethoscope? How do I shop for my first real set of scrubs?

Get the tips, tricks and secrets from fellow nurses about tried-and-true gear picks and how to keep everything organized (and not just in your pockets!).

Plus, find out the dream must-have item for fall!

Roll of Tape
Retractable Badge Holders
Nose Savers
How Many Pockets?
Dream Item for Fall 2010
Printable List of Favorite Nursing Gear Must-Haves

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    Buy a good stethoscope, but then mark that baby up with something to personalize it. Too many expensive stethoscopes sprout legs and walk off. I had one disappear, and I like to think that someone "accidentally" mistook it for their own. Now, mine has my name on a name plate, as well as multiple colored labels/tags on it, so no one will accidentally walk off with it and you can spot it from a distance if you see it around someone else's neck!

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    Before becoming an RN, I was a Certified Athletic Trainer, so I have a lot of experience on my feet. One thing I've found that works well for preventing sore feet/legs is to alternate your shoes. This is a trick long-distance runners often use, as well. If you work 3 days a week, have 2-3 different pairs of shoes you rotate. It helps keep you from getting overuse injuries and will keep your feet/legs fresh. I just add a new pair of shoes every 6 months-1 year and rotate out the oldest pair.

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