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Eaten in the ICU

Eaten in the ICU

Ani Burr | Scrubs Magazine

I just don’t get it. There’s that horrible saying, “Nurses eat their young,” but I always sort of thought that was an old saying, that it didn’t apply to how nurses act today – WRONG! I just don’t understand, especially since I feel like, as students, we’re there to help. If we can get along and have an amicable, working relationship with our nurses, we can make a pretty awesome team, and give some seriously awesome care to our patients. But with this wall up between us and them, and with the stress of the day piled up on top, it just feels like a recipe for disaster.

I really want this quarter to be great. And while I am nervous about the expectations being placed on us, I really feel like I am finally at a point where I am ready to tackle it. Sadly, the one thing I am most worried about, is the team dynamic on the floor. I can deal with the pressure I put on myself, and I can work with the pressure from my instructor. But if I am getting negative vibes sent my way from the nurses too, I don’t know how I am going to deal with that. I just hope it was a bad first impression, otherwise it’s going to be a long quarter.

Nurses out there reading this: How do you feel about working with students? Any advice for the students reading (and me!) about what you like to see from us? Students: Have you clashed with the staff? How did you deal? And on another note, does anyone have any advice on how to deal/organize/prepare for ICU clinical?

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