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Nursing Salary Projections for 2011

Nursing Salary Projections for 2011

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Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Licensed practical and vocational nurses are needed in all types of healthcare environments, including hospitals and residential facilities. The former constitutes about 25% of all vocational nurse jobs in the U.S. Other types of facilities include community care facilities for the elderly, outpatient care centers, and government agencies

Employment for this type of nursing has grown faster than the national average. The best job opportunities are in nursing care facilities and home healthcare services, with the overall number of jobs growing to nearly 1 million by the end of next year (2011). Just like other nursing jobs, the biggest demand for licensed practical and vocational nurses stems from the growth of the elderly population and the shift of after-surgery patient care from hospitals to nursing care facilities. In addition, the U.S. Labor Department says one of the biggest reasons for growth is the fact many of these types of nurses are exiting the workforce, leaving many highly needed jobs open.

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Median annual wages of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses were $39,530 by end of last year. Median annual wages in the industries employing the largest numbers of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses are: Employment services ($44,690); Nursing care facilities ($40,580); Home health care services ($39,510); General medical and surgical hospitals ($38,080); and offices of physicians ($35,020).

Mean Hourly Wage: $19.66
Mean Annual Wage: $40,900
Mean Annual Wage for 2011: $41,900


Hourly Wage 
 Annual Wage
New Jersey
Rhode Island
District of Columbia
New Mexico

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