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10 Career Lessons From Dad

10 Career Lessons From Dad

What did your dad teach you?

Hamsa Ramesha | NursingLink

Learn to stand on your own two feet.

In another dose of tough love, fathers taught us the value of independence. From making us earn our keep with endless chores, to having us save up to buy our own car, we learned how to rely on ourselves and trust our instincts. The same is true for the hospital: Be your own boss. People will notice your great work ethic and professionalism. Don’t go running to your supervising nurse for every little problem; take initiative and find a solution yourself!

Are you working hard or hardly working?

Dad always had an uncanny nose for knowing when we goofed off and didn’t do our homework. Thankfully, as children, our usual punishment was just getting grounded and being sent to our rooms. As adults, the consequences of laziness are more serious. Hard work pays off in the at the hospital, especially when it involves saving a life! But slacking as a nurse is far more dangerous, and will get you sacked!

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Despite your good intentions, sometimes, the best course of action might just be doing nothing at all. However tempting it may be to use your medical knowledge to change a patient’s medication or handle surgery yourself, don’t. It’s one thing to take initiative, and quite another to let your eagerness carry you away and let it result in a lawsuit or two, not to mention your sudden unemployment.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Value your uniqueness and make it your selling point. What do you have to offer as a nurse that nobody else does? Make yourself the one-eyed king at your hospital by capitalizing on the needs of the blind. Whether it’s discovering something the doctor doesn’t know about a patient’s condition or helping out a fellow nurse with her case, providing solutions to your hospital’s problems is your path to success.

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