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10 Career Lessons From Dad

10 Career Lessons From Dad

What did your dad teach you?

Hamsa Ramesha | NursingLink

Think big, act small.

Reach for the sky, goes the saying. Dad had the same idea. He taught us to dream big, but also to take small, realistic steps to achieve our lofty goals. Aiming to become the head nurse? Start by focusing on being the best nurse at your current job. Take on more work, become a shift leader, and before you know it, you’ll be climbing up the hospital ladder. The same is true for any career goal. There’s nothing holding you back from achieving your dreams, except yourself.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Dad understood that clear communication is essential to a good relationship — and a successful nursing career. If you aren’t sharing what your goals are, how will your manager know? And if you’re having trouble with an assignment, ask for help. Even though technology has brought us new ways to communicate, it’s easier than ever to misunderstand each other.

It builds character.

While this life lesson did little to comfort us in our youth, it’s definitely something to keep in mind in the cutthroat world of hospital bureaucracy. Keep this handy piece of fatherly advice in mind the next time you get passed up for that promotion or chewed out by the Chief of Surgery. Instead of wallowing in your misery, figure out what went wrong so you won’t make that mistake next time. Use your current failure to prevent a future one!

Thanks, Dad.

Underneath their stern façade, fathers have a heart of gold. To all dads out there this Father’s Day (June 20) thanks for everything. You’ve encouraged our dreams and been an infallible support system. Thanks!

“Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.” Author Unknown.

What did your dad teach you? Chime in!

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