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9 Shocking Nursing News Stories

9 Shocking Nursing News Stories

Remember any other shocking nursing news?

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Nurses are known for being the kind face at the hospital, the patient’s advocate, and the “Angel of Life.” They’ve made a career out of caring for others selflessly. So when a nurse “goes bad” and does the unthinkable, it makes headlines, rattles the nursing industry and shocks the public.

From smaller crimes like stealing money and breaching patient confidentiality, to acts of a more serious nature like the death of a patient, take a look at our roundup of scandalous nursing stories in the news.

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1. Nurse Charged With Murder in Romanian Hospital Fire

Florentina Daniela Cirstea, a nurse who worked at Giulesti Maternity Hospital in Bucharest, Romania, was charged with murder for the death of five newborn babies in the hospital’s ICU in August. She is accused of not doing her job and supervising the babies, two boys and three girls, who died of severe burns from a fire on August 16.

The fire was started by an electrical cable attached to an AC unit in the ICU. Cirstea left the ICU for 12 minutes, and wasn’t able to evacuate and rescue the newborns once the fire started. Another member of the hospital staff called for help, but none of the staff members had the access card to get into the automatic door for the ICU and had to break the door down. Cirstea is also charged for the injuries of six surviving babies.

Read the news story here.

2. Nursing Assistant Charged With Killing Eight Babies

In July, 46-year-old French nursing assistant Dominique Cottrez was charged with the murder of her eight newborn babies. Police found the bones of two bodies at a home once owned by Cottrez and her husband, Pierre-Marie Cottrez; six more bodies were found at another home in the northeastern village of Villers-au-Tertre. She and her husband were both initially taken into custody; Pierre-Marie Cottrez was later freed as an “assisted witness.”

Cottrez admitted to suffocating the infants soon after she gave birth to them, between 1989 and 2006. She put their bodies in hermetically sealed bags and managed to keep it a secret for 17 years. Yikes!

Read the news story here.

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