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9 Shocking Nursing News Stories

9 Shocking Nursing News Stories

Remember any other shocking nursing news?

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3. Nurses Fired for Facebook Postings

Oh social media, how we love and hate you. Patient privacy and online networks like Facebook and Twitter have clashed often, most recently with the firing of five nurses in Oceanside, CA. They were accused of discussing patient cases on Facebook, although no photos, names, or other identity-compromising information was posted.

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4. Nurses Fired Over Cell Phone Photos of Patient

It’s not just Facebook that gets nurses in trouble; cell phones are another weapon of choice when it comes to patient privacy. In February 2009, two Wisconsin nurses were fired from posting pictures of a patient on Facebook taken on a cell phone.

An anonymous call from a Mercy Walworth Medical Center employee tipped police off about the online pictures. Investigators discovered that the photos were taken when the patient was admitted to the ER due to a sex device in his rectum. However, the police haven’t found anyone who actually saw the pictures on Facebook, but said a discussion post of the situation was on one of the nurse’s profile.

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5. Dozens Arrested in Medicare Fraud Busts Across U.S.

In July of 2009, over 30 suspects were arrested in a major Medicare fraud bust across the nation, including doctors and nurses. Arrests made in New York, Louisiana, Miami, Boston, and Houston, tracking scams from a health care clinic that sold “arthritis kits” to clinics and patients for $3,000 to $4,000. The false kits, consisting of braces, heating pads and other expensive orthotics, were sometimes never delivered, and completely irrelevant to medical treatment.

In Houston, police authorities broke a huge Medicare scam involving Ensure, food supplement for patients on a liquid diet. The clinic in question never gave patients the Ensure that they billed Medicare thousands of dollars for, and sometimes billed Medicare for patients who had already died.

Approximately $371 million in false Medicare claims has been recovered, and approximately 145 people were charged of health care fraud and face prison sentences of 50 percent more than the average sentence for cases of health care fraud.

Read the news story here.

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