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An RN’s Tale: Our Little Hospital Ghost

An RN’s Tale: Our Little Hospital Ghost

This cell phone picture was taken by a night nurse in Ersilia's unit. Photo courtesy of Ersilia Pompilio.

Ersilia Pompilio | Scrubs Magazine

“There is a little girl walking around—did you see her?” she whispered.

“Um, no. Everyone seems to be asleep,” I assured her.

“I saw a little girl. She was skipping through the corridor by herself. I’m afraid she’ll get hurt!” she insisted. “She was wearing a little dress that went to her knees and some lacey socks with Mary Janes.”

“Okay, I’ll check into it.”

As she turned to leave, I asked the charge nurse if we had any little girl patients on the unit.

“No!” she scowled. “That mother is crazy!”

I decided to walk through the corridor myself to check.


Suddenly there was a squeaking noise, accompanied by footsteps! I sucked in my breath and jumped back, startled to see one of the cleaning ladies pushing her cart.

“Ay, dios mio!” she said as she grabbed her chest. She was equally startled.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” I breathed a sigh of relief. “I was looking for a little girl. Have you seen her?”

“Oh, si! Es la niña! The little girl!” she said with wide eyes. She didn’t speak much English.

“So, there is a little girl. Is she a patient?”

“Ay no, she no es real!” she stated. “Fantasma…es un ghost! La niña, she died five years ago. Cis…Cis febros…?” she shook her head, trying to say the word in English.

“Cystic fibrosis?” I said hesitantly.

“Uh-huh! Si, she was so beautiful, so happy, but no mama. The nurses were her mama! They give her dress, beautiful socks and shoes. She died here in that room. Pero, she no want to pass.”

“Pass?” I said, confused.

“Si, con El señor!” she stated as she did the sign of the cross, kissed her right hand and looked up to the ceiling. “She love the nurses!”

Suddenly, I heard my baby screeching again. He was awake and in pain.

“She like the baby.” The cleaning lady smiled as she looked down the hallway.

Worried, I ran to the baby’s room. My hands were shaking as I stood outside his door, listening. Silence. Slowly, I peered into the room. Hovering above the baby was a translucent figure. The early light peered through the window shade, illuminating the outline of a little girl wearing lacey socks and Mary Jane shoes.

The baby stared up at her, followed her with his eyes and smiled.

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