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14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

Scrubs Magazine

Nursing certainly has its ups and downs, but the happy moments make the profession worthwhile. Here is a collection of quotes from nurses as they reflect on the best moments of their career.

1. “The ‘ups’ of nursing are when a discharged patient and his family knock on the ICU door with heartfelt thanks to you and your team for taking good care of their family member. Those simple gestures of gratitude lift you up and make you say to yourself, ‘I’m glad to be a nurse because I made a difference!’”
—Nonoisky Adle

2. “I love nursing. Today I managed a patient’s pain and she was hungry (she has gastric cancer)! She said it was the first time she’s had an appetite in a long time.”
—Carrie Garcia

3. “I am a student nurse. One day at clinical, I was going crazy trying to get information for my care plan when I heard someone yell, ‘I have to go to the bathroom!” This was not my patient, and I looked around hoping there was someone who was going to go into the room. Again I heard the patient yell, ‘Bathroom please!’

“I looked at my fellow classmates and said, ‘I have a feeling this will take a while.’ I walked into the room, and behind the curtain (in a room by herself) was a 65-year-old Down’s patient. My heart immediately melted as I have a sister with Down’s syndrome. She was soaked! She said, ‘Bathroom please,’ with a frustrated face.

“She was shivering because she had been sitting in urine for so long and needed a bath. It took me and two classmates to bathe her—she was terrified and a bit uncooperative. By the end of the longest bath (well, besides my very first) that I have ever given, she went from barely speaking to joking and laughing.

“I ended up leaving clinical that day 40 minutes late, but the smile on her face was priceless. I know I will probably have many more experiences to speak of, but at the end of my career, I know I will remember the first day I knew I truly made a patient’s day a better one.”
—Patty Haisman

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