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14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

Scrubs Magazine

4. “Not too long ago as a student nurse, I had to be my patient’s advocate. My patient was in a lot of pain and showed all physical signs, too (grimacing, grunting, fidgeting, etc.). The patient’s ‘real’ nurse was very busy when the doctor was making rounds, so it was up to me to be my patient’s voice. After the doc did his exam, I stated to him that this patient had been in a lot of pain, even after the prescribed meds (8 on a scale of 10). Doc cut me off…I felt so ‘little.’ Later the doc pulled me aside and praised my actions for being the patient’s advocate. He explained that he cut me short because he trusted my judgment, because I presented my story with solid medical facts and observations. WOO HOO!”
—Dawn Angiulli

5. “I came out of school and went straight to the MICU. Once, we admitted a man who had been hit in the head with a TV set. He was older, had a dent in his skull and was comatose. Every day that I worked, I talked to him, opened the blinds and encouraged him. A couple of months later, he woke up and I got to feed him an orange popsicle. WOW!!”
—Elaine Hutto

6. “With my first patient death, I wasn’t ready for all the emotions. I didn’t think I did anything different just the same as I could have done with any other resident. But after many months have passed, the sons of my resident still come and look for me to say hi when they come and visit their mother. And every time they are so grateful for the care. That touches my heart deeply and I know I will always keep this family in heart!!!”
—Sandra Milena Toro Lujan

7. “With my first job after passing boards, the eagerness to help others was overwhelming! There have been so many moments when I have been truly happy to be a nurse! I am happy every day to help others, even when the exhaustion sets in! To make another feel better is the most wonderful feeling in my soul! It lights me up!”
—JoBeth Brown

8. “I went to St. Thomas as a traveling nurse and learned more about nursing than [from] books, clinical and other conditions such as running out of medicines (OOS). It wasn’t all the fancy meds and equipment that kept the patients alive. Being able to spend more time at bedside with the patient and family was what helped put a smile on my face.”
—Laura Jean Hall

9. “One of my favorite moments was discharging a baby I had cared for from the NICU (where I worked) after seven long and stressful months. It was great to finally see her parents put her in a car seat and drive away!”
—Kim Grenkiewicz Carty

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