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14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

14 Favorite Moments in Nursing

Scrubs Magazine

10. “I was truly happy that I became a nurse when my mother-in-law asked me to come look at a scraped knee that a little boy in her daycare had. He wouldn’t let my MIL or his own mom look at it, but because I was a nurse, he let me look at it. I felt like I had magical powers even though it was something as simple as a scraped knee!”
—Kati Gertken

11. “It’s the thought that you’re one of the privileged professionals to witness a little angel pass through the tunnel of life and be the first to attest their first breath on this planet Earth. You’ll welcome those little angels to this wonderful world from an awe-inspiring profession: nursing. I love being a nurse!”
—Mark Joseph Hernandez

12. “I was very happy the first time in a delivery room. It was a young couple who had lost previous infants through difficult pregnancies and they wanted this baby so badly. Once the head started to crown, I had to catch the father so he wouldn’t hit the floor. Then when the baby was out, we all cried. I will never forget that feeling and the look on the parents’ faces seeing their beautiful baby girl. Priceless.”
—Donna Margin

13. “Mine was when I had a patient who was (I won’t use the word ‘mean,’ so let’s say he was ‘ornery’)…very ornery. One morning he choked and was turning blue, gasping. I couldn’t get my arms around him because he was so big, so I hit him hard on the back and almost knocked him out of his chair many times. The item flew out of his mouth and across the room. I was crying and apologized for hitting him so hard when he motioned for me to come close. I did so very carefully, not sure what he was going to do, when he kissed me on the cheek and said, ‘Thank you.’ Every time he was ornery from then on, I tried to remember how he really was. I love my job.”
—Lisa Westbrook

14. “Anytime a patient looks at me and just says, ‘Thank you so much’—that makes it all worth it.”
—Ali Hernandez

What’s been your happiest moment as a nurse?

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