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How to Post a Topic in the Forum

Posting a topic in the forum can be a great way to get answers to questions, vent about a bad day, and connect with other nurses or nursing students. Posting a topic is easy, but make sure you know how to format posts using our toolbar.

Step 1: Click on “Forum” in the blue navigation bar. Next, click “Start New Forum Topic.”

Step 2: Create a title that will help describe the nature of your content to other members. Next, you’ll need to file your post under a category located in the “Discussion” drop-down menu. Click “Sticky” if you want your post to be at the top of the category you’ve filed your post under. Choose “Locked” if you want to disable anyone form responding to your post.

Step 3: Members are also able to attach polls to their posts to survey the community. Click “Add a Poll” and fill out the empty fields. To add more answers to your poll, select “Add a Poll Choice.”

Step 4: The toolbar helps format text within your post. The first six tools starting from the left are identical to features you’ll find in Microsoft Word. The quotation marks will indent and should be used for quotes longer than three lines. Next, you’ll find features that allow you to create a number or bulleted list. Lastly, the landscape icon will allow you to upload a photo hosted on a site like Flicker and the globe icon will allow you to include URLs and hyperlink words in your post.

Want to convey a particular emotion? Click on the smiley face and insert one of the emoticons. Otherwise, the last icon (“Source”) enables you to format your article using HTML.

Step 5: Click the “Watch this Topic” checkbox if you’d like to receive email alerts to your inbox every time a member responds to your post. After that, click Submit and you’re finished!

Still have questions? Write Head Nurse a message if you need some extra help!

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