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Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Steve Berman | NursingLink

As a nurse, do you find yourself getting asked to do pretty much everything? There’s a reason for that, besides nurses generally having a ton of work to do (which they do): There’s no other profession that asks its employees to wear more hats every workday.

Why is this? What makes nursing such a multifaceted job, one that requires the people who do it to have a complete, classical education? Since nurses are all-knowing you may already know the answer to this question, but it never hurts to hear a little reminder as to what a renaissance person you are, right?

Nurses Are Excellent Communicators

Nurses have to talk to everybody. And we mean everybody. They provide information to doctors using medical terminology that only doctors and nurses understand. They’re the first ones communicating with paramedics when they bring patients in.

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And then there are the patients — big and small, rich and poor, speaking all kinds of languages. Nurses have to find some way to figure out what the patients’ problems are, how they’re going to cover the cost (if they even can), and what medical help they will need. On top of all that, nurses need to communicate with each other. Perhaps there’s a reason why many nursing schools require applicants to take a class in public speaking.

Nurses Are Mathematicians

What’s the difference between 15 cc’s and 150 cc’s? And how does one figure out how much medicine a 40-pound child should be given compared to a 350-pound man? In the medical field, math problems like these can mean the difference between saving a patient and making matters worse. That’s why all nurses must have a solid knowledge base in both standard and metric systems of measurement, along with statistics and algebra. And anyone who’s tried to wheel a gurney around a corner in a crowded hospital hallway knows that nurses need to know some geometry, too!

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