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Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Steve Berman | NursingLink

Nurses Are Science Experts

From biology to organic chemistry, the majority of any nursing school’s curriculum is focused on life and physical sciences. And now that nurse practitioners and RN’s are handling more and more duties that decades ago were traditionally performed by MD’s, the need for a comprehensive science education for nurses has never been higher.

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Nurses are historians

Nurses don’t have to take history classes to get into nursing school, but they’re still history experts. Maybe not in the “Who won the war of 1812?” sense, but nurses need to be able to record a patient’s medical history in a detailed and accurate fashion, and they also need to be able to review a patient’s medical history immediately after he or she is admitted for care.

Nurses are psychologists

There’s a reason why nurses also have to take psychology and sociology in nursing school: They have to deal with nervous and traumatized patients. Patients, and the loved ones that come with them to the hospital, are generally in distress. They’re in pain, they’re worried, and they’re facing their own mortality, and it usually falls on nurses to calm them down and help them handle traumatic events. So in effect, nurses are performing the exact same service as a psychologist, only they don’t get to charge $100+ per hour.

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