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Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Why Nurses Are Good at Everything

Steve Berman | NursingLink

Nurses take P.E. every day

Nurses have to do calisthenics, since they’re on their feet during their entire shift, constantly walking through the halls and even having to run at times to handle emergencies. Then there’s strength training, when they’re lifting patients and medical supplies. Then there’s the overall workout of restraining a patient who’s upset or just plain out of their mind. We think that there should be a full-time masseuse on staff just to help nurses with the soreness they feel after all these tasks, but maybe that’s just us.

Nurses are economists

Among the heaps of paperwork nurses must fill out, there’s definitely a financial component that nurses can’t avoid. Medicine is a business, and that’s not just relating to how patients pay for procedures. As nurses work their way up the chain into supervisory roles, they are required to plan department budgets. The cost of everything from supplies to overtime hours must be accounted for, making financial planning and understanding hospital economics a couple more areas where nurses need to be experts.

So when you look at all the things nurses have to know, it’s clear that that there’s really nothing they can’t do. We may be leaving out one thing, though. For all the schooling that’s required for nurses to handle all these facets of the job, there’s nothing that truly prepares someone to be a nurse until they’re actually on the floor, handling shifts. Ask anyone who’s gone through it; on-the-job training may be the toughest and most important part of any nurse’s education!

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