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8 Things Nurses Should Never Say to Doctors

Marijke Durning | NursingLink

8 Things Nurses Should Never Say to a Doctor

The doctor/nurse working relationship has its ups and downs. When the two work well together, the most difficult of patient cases seems like a breeze. But if there is any contention, if one rubs the other the wrong way, tackling even the simplest problem is like climbing Mount Everest in the off season – a nightmare. We know what doctors and other health care professionals say to nurses that they might have been better off not saying, but what about what we say to others? We’re not completely innocent of foot-in-mouth disease either!

Sure, many times, it’s doctors acting superior, or patients behaving as if we don’t know anything. But let’s be honest, sometimes, us nurses aren’t angels either, right? Calling the doctor needlessly at all hours of the night? Asking questions we can answer ourselves? It happens to the best of us, but it also doesn’t help a nurse’s reputation if she’s consistently wasting everyone’s time.

In the interest of promoting workplace harmony, check out this list of eight things you should never say to a doctor.

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Marijke Durning

Featured Author: Marijke Durning
Marijke Vroomen-Durning has been an RN since 1983 and although she has been writing since the mid-90s, she continued to work clinically until last year. Her passion is patient education and helping the general public understand the medical world by translating medicalese into real-life language. Marijke’s popular blog, Marijke: Nurse Turned Writer has been the catalyst for her career as she now claims the number one spot in Google searches if you type in “Nurse writer.”

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