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10 Funky Hospital Smells

Steve Berman | NursingLink


9. Doctors’ bad breath

Some doctors like to drink coffee all day and night; some are smokers, and some do both. Regardless, the ones who indulge in those habits are not too fun to talk to, especially if they’re talking to you from a short distance. If you can, try subtley offering up a breath mint the next time you start chatting it up with the doc.

10. Gastrointestinal bleeding

Gross to look at, gross to smell, there’s no winning with a GI bleed. The smell of bloody stools caused by a GI bleed might rank as the worst smell a nurse has to face in the hospital. Think of a rotten egg that has been left in a warm place with no ventilation for about two weeks. Then think of something that smells worse. Now you know what a GI bleed smells like.

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