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10 Funky Hospital Smells

Steve Berman | NursingLink

Funky Smells

Clearly, we tried to have some fun with this list, but if you face any of these smells at your job, your nose will not be having so much fun. So how do you deal with these smells? Besides holding your nose, the best option seems to be popping several strong breath mints (overwhelms your taste buds and your sense of smell to a certain extent, although you may not want to eat while facing the causes of these odors). Sometimes, dabbing a little perfume or other pleasant scent on your upper lip helps minimize the trauma that your nose faces.

For experienced nurses, these smells are easier to overcome mentally, sort of like how a garbage man doesn’t even notice the worst stuff found in trashcans after 10 years on the job. So keep at it, hold your nose, and hopefully the shock of these bad smells will go away over time. And if it doesn’t, you can at least complain with your coworkers and have a good laugh.

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