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5 Tips to Maximize Productivity in Nursing

Steve Berman | NursingLink

5 Tips to Maximize Productivity in Nursing

4. Rotate menial tasks (and save time in the process)

According to an article by Redding & Robinson titled “Interruptions and Geographic Challenges to Nurses’ Cognitive Workload,” distractions for nurses come in seven categories. Among hard-to-avoid distractions such as employees asking questions and family questions is "supplies not readily available (causing nurse to go to another area).” This is a distraction that is common, but can be easily avoided.

Now, nobody wants to be the person to check all the supplies each day and refill them. Plus, that is often not a nurse’s responsibility, but the responsibility of other members of the hospital staff. That said, if your team takes turns making one person go through each and every area where supplies are kept and make sure their stocked, it can save time for everyone.

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