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How Many People Are Involved in Patient Care?

How Many People Are Involved in Patient Care?

Brittney Wilson | The Nerdy Nurse

Then We Move to the Floor:

• Receiving Nurse
• Charge Nurse
• Patient Care Tech(s)
• Pharmacist(s)
• Pharmacy Tech(s)
• Secretary
• Lab Tech(s)
• Radiology Tech(s)
• Housekeeping
• Dietary Aid(s)

Then We Consult a Surgeon and the Patient Goes to OR:

• Surgeon
• Physician Assistant
• OR Nurse(s)
PACU Nurse(s)
• Surgical Tech(s)
• OR Secretary
• Anesthesiologist

And then Back to the Floor, and the amount just grows and grows. Even after the patient is discharged And I know I have likely left off a multitude of professionals of this crude list, but it just shows just how it takes a village to care for a patient.

The chart itself and the access of the information on it are managed by clinical applications specialists. Depending on your hospital, that may be 1 person, or a team of people. The information technology department has so many people who play a vital role in the function of a hospital and the care of a patient but often are not recognized for the very real impact they make on the care of a patient.

Next time you take care of a patient, just stop and think about how many other people are there, visible to you or not, helping you to provide excellent patient care.

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