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6 Style Tips for Interview Success

6 Style Tips for Interview Success

Robert DiGiacomo | HotJobs

‘Mad’ for Tradition

More than one in three people say their workplace has gotten more formal over the past 12 months, according to a poll.

But while the fitted suits and skinny ties made popular by the retro TV series “Mad Men” can work in most office settings, it’s important not to go overboard.

“You don’t want people to stop and stare,” McKnight says. “You need to understand the balance between looking trendy and looking current.”

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Clothes may make the man, but beware the wrong shoes, especially if they’re unpolished.

“When you look at men’s shoes, if they’re square toed, chunky or have rubber soles, that completely dismantles the whole appearance,” McKnight says.

Stretch Your Fashion Budget

If your budget doesn’t allow for major purchases, Andre recommends spending $100 on tailoring to update key pieces or improve their fit.

Another wallet-friendly purchase is a basic dark suit, which doesn’t show wear and tear and can be worn with different ties or accessories to first, second and third interviews.

Finally, weed out anything you’re not wearing on a regular basis.

“Shop in your closet first,” Andre says. “We wear 20 percent of what’s in there 80 percent of the time. Give yourself permission to get rid of that other 80 percent. Turn it into cash by selling it, or give it to charity.”

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