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Groups Connecting Nurses

Groups Connecting Nurses


What are Groups and Why Should You Care?

NursingLink is the nation’s premiere online nursing community, but with its daunting breadth, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate and find the specific niche with whom you have a particular affinity. That is why we created Groups. Groups are the perfect way to connect with NursingLink members on a more substantial and engaging level. Not only can you easily search through NursingLink members in order to find people with similar interests, but you can discuss pressing issues on group-themed forums. There already over 55 groups formed on NursingLink; however, if you don’t find the one you are looking for, make your own and become a moderator.

• How to Join a Group or How to Create Your Own Group

Private vs. Public Groups

Nursing is a tight knit community that often deals with sensitive topics not appropriate for the non-medical population. For this reason – we have created both public and private groups. Public groups are used for interest based communication. Create a private group if you want to discuss private nursing-topics or you want to verify a user’s affiliation / location.

What You Can Do in a Group

- Invite on-site members and off-site friends

- Start both private and public discussions

- Send private messages to specific members in a group

- Send a mass private message to the whole group

Some of the most popular groups are:

Specialties- CNAs

Hobbies- Nurses in Stiches

PetsMy Cat = My Child

EntertainmentEverything I Didn’t Learn in Nursing School, I Learned from Sex and the City

RegionsGeorgia Nurses

NursingLink Private GroupsNursingLink Entourage

InterestsNASCAR Nurses

DemographicsLate Bloomers

HumorBehind Every Doctor…is a skilled and intelligent nurse that saves their ass

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