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10 Most Annoying Patients

Hamsa Ramesha & Jeff Hindenach | NursingLink

10 Most Annoying Patients

The Distracted Patient

You’re trying to give this patient specific instructions about how to treat her condition and she won’t even stop texting long enough to listen! Throughout her stay, the Distracted Patient is anywhere but here – mentally anyway. Whether it’s blasting away on social media, updating her blog, chatting on the phone, or trying to get to the next level on her video game, the Distracted Patient isn’t as concerned with her own health as she should be.

How to deal: Ask this patient to put down the phone, magazine, or video game, and pay attention. If she continues to be distracted, interrupt her or try talking to the family and explain to them the gravity of the situation. If she keeps ignoring you, it’s not your fault. You’ve done all you can.

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