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10 Most Annoying Patients

Hamsa Ramesha & Jeff Hindenach | NursingLink

10 Most Annoying Patients

The Hypochondriac

Every tiny twinge and ache is a symptom of life-threatening disease for the Hypochondriac. Convinced of his impending demise, this annoying patient works himself up into a nervous frenzy, demanding that you run every possible medical test known to mankind. And one blood test proving he’s healthy as a horse isn’t enough for the Hypochondriac. Try five, or 10, depending on the day. He doesn’t care that running all of these tests is not only expensive for him, but a waste of time for the hospital staff. All it takes is one negative result – or in some instances, a false positive – to send the Hypochondriac off the edge, planning his own funeral.

How to deal: While it might take more time than you would like, the best way to deal with the Hypochondriac is to calmly explain why you believe he is fine, and that you have the medical stats to prove it. More often than not, the Hypochondriac just wants a little attention, and relishes the drama of his mysterious illness. Take a deep breath and reassure the Hypochondriac that you do this for a living and that you deal with these cases all the time.

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