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10 Most Annoying Patients

Hamsa Ramesha & Jeff Hindenach | NursingLink

10 Most Annoying Patients

The Self-Diagnoser

Everyone thinks they’re doctors when a medical diagnosis is just a click away. Sites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic are a good source to look up medical advice, but they also have created a monster when it comes to the Self-Diagnoser. This type of patient comes in with a diagnosis and expects you to treat it, without questioning their logic, running any tests of your own, or listening to your medical opinion. The Self-Diagnoser is an Internet-trained doctor, with files, charts, and studies that back-up his theories, even if they don’t reflect his actual medical situation.

How to deal: While it’s great when a patient is informed and involved in the medical process, it becomes a problem when it comes in the way of the real treatment. What the Self-Diagnoser needs is a good dose of reality. Explain to him that every patient is different, and while their diagnosis may be correct, you still need to explore all options and confirm it independently. If he continues to push his diagnosis, leave it for the doctor to deal with.

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