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10 Most Annoying Patients

Hamsa Ramesha & Jeff Hindenach | NursingLink

10 Most Annoying Patients

The Angry Patient

Emotions tend to run amuck at a hospital, an understandable occurrence given the nature of most patients’ situations. But the Angry Patient is continuously in a foul temper. Everything is cause for a yelling match, from the quality of the food, the comfort of the hospital bed, the privacy of the room, the staff service, to something as trivial as the color of the drapes.

How to deal: Don’t let the Angry Patient’s eternal black cloud rain over you too! If anything, this patient could use a good dose of optimism. Ask him to stop yelling; a sick patient doesn’t need to get worse because his blood pressure is through the roof. If he gets in your face, remains uncooperative, or threatens you, call security, stat. Don’t ever let any patient walk all over you! Never take a chance with a disgruntled patient.

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