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Hospital Administration Cutbacks

Hospital Administration Cutbacks

Brittney Wilson | The Nerdy Nurse

The changes they are enacting around the hospital are continuing. This confirms the suspicions that many of my coworkers had about the new CEO coming to “clean house”. So far I’ve heard of 9 layoffs in various administrative and management positions.

Of course I don’t know all the details, but from what I’ve heard they are consolidating many of these positions in the name of efficiency… and well money. It’s always about money isn’t it. Who cares if you have kids to raise, and you performed your job well, we have a profit to make around here. It is discouraging to say the least.

The dismissals have no trickled down to the staff level nurses yet, but every is anxious. Honestly, we are down several nurses, and will be down even more in the very near future. Hopefully this means we are not going to loose any nurses, but we are all a little uneasy. It’s unfortunate to be job scared with the economy like this.

As my quests for advancement in nursing progresses, and I see some of the possible negative side effects of these positions, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me apprehensive. What if I get into a role and then someone comes in and decides that my job is not needed? As a floor nurse, I know that my job is always needed. You can’t exactly consolidate a nurse into another nurse… I mean you could try to force them to take on more patients, but hopefully (and I am really crossing my fingers on this), this wouldn’t be done. But when your work is not in physical labor, I can see how it could be difficult to justify your need.

But what does this really all mean for the nurses and patients? Will we notice a difference in our ability to perform our job functions because of the loss of these employees? In one instance we lost one of our employee health Nurse Practitioners, which may make getting seen more difficulty. There is often already a wait, so what will having half the resources mean for employees now in matters of fit tests, physicals, and other various needs?

I doing my best to hold my head high in the midst of all this. We have to. We’re all afraid that if we seem sour than we may be the next to go. I hate being afraid to speak up. It goes against every part of my being.

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