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How to Say No to the Head Nurse

How to Say No to the Head Nurse

Learning How to Say No to Your Head Nurse

Practice these suggestions on how to say No to your head nurse:

1. Note down all your tasks and assignments in your daily and weekly planner. Always make sure that you know what you’re supposed to do next. That way, if your head nurse interrupts your schedule with a sudden summons or task, you can inform him or her of the potential impact to an already planned task while saying No.

2. Don’t smile when you reject a request. Smiling indicates that you’re not seriously saying no; a smile might weaken impact of your rejection. Keep your face straight, but not stern. Look earnest, sincere and at the same time firm.

3. When your head nurse comes over to your station, stand up immediately. This way, you appear to be in charge, confident and capable. Even if your head nurse calls you over phone with some order, stand up when you take your call. You will feel more confident to deal with any demands.

4. If your head nurse sits down while giving you an urgent order, ensure that you remain standing in a ready pose to rush to an emergency. Your body language will discourage your head nurse from pushing you too much. Keep your body language stiff while being polite, to ensure that your head nurse does not impose additional work on you.

5. Don’t voluntarily ask your head nurse about their responsibilities. Don’t show any interest in anything other than what you’ve been assigned. As long as you do your job on time, it’s good enough. Don’t be too eager to complete a job before time to show that you’re eager to please.

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