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How to Say No to the Head Nurse

How to Say No to the Head Nurse

6. Feel free to interrupt your head nurse with a question or request for clarification. If you patiently listen to the head nurse’s instruction, your body language gives out the message that you are interested in listening to what the head nurse has to say. When you interrupt, you’ll break their communication flow and focus.

7. Use preemptive techniques such as informing your head nurse of your full schedule proactively. Let your head nurse know how busy you are and let him or her see you filling in your planner. This will discourage them from approaching you with additional requests.

8. Look busy all the time. If your head nurse finds you standing here and there, taking personal calls or long coffee breaks, they’ll know that you have time to spare for other tasks. Remember your head nurse will be watching you. Look busy, act busy and walk briskly from room to room while attending to your tasks. This will discourage your head nurse from approaching you.

9. You be in charge of the situation, rather than expecting your head nurse to change. If you feel intimidated by your head nurse, and find them unreasonable, you might wish that they’ll change. By wishing this, you’re actually putting the onus of change on the other person. Instead of that, change your attitude and perceive yourself in charge of your situation. This way, you can move from being a victim to a controller of your environment.

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