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Survival Tips for Every Nurse

Survival Tips for Every Nurse

Sean Dent | Scrubs Magazine

Survival is in our nature. In fact, surviving is not an option, it’s an expectation. The difference between surviving and drowning is how well you ride the ‘wave’. Only my fellow nurses will understand what I mean by the ‘wave’. You know – it’s that feeling you got when you first decided to become a nurse. It was then that feeling you got your first experiences as a student nurse. Then it was that feeling you got after graduation as a new graduate nurse. And it’s still that feeling you get whenever something new crosses your path, when you start a new job, encounter a new patient challenge, or simply just show up for work.

At the end of the day we all figure this out in our own way, and on our own in our own time, but I thought I’d it would be nice to share the only two survival tips that will actually determine your ‘wave riding’ ability!

Here they are:

When You Want To Run – Stop and Stand Still

That ‘wave’ of emotions you get when the ‘vice-grip’ of stress is beating you down during your shift and all of a sudden you’re being pulled in more directions than you can count. You have responsibilities piling up, you’re striving to do the very best you can and make that difference, so what better way to solve all the problems than to pick up the pace and run to get them all done right?!


The very millisecond you recognize you’ve picked up the pace, or when you realize you are sprinting from one task to another you need to find the courage and the strength to stop in your tracks immediately. I know, I know. It sounds absolutely crazy, and horrendously counterproductive, but it’s the solution you need. Running faster from task to task will only create more problems for yourself. When you hurry through a task you WILL miss something. When you rush through a responsibility something will be incomplete. When you whisk past another duty without giving it your full attention, someone or something will be neglected.

Remember, those details affect the safety of our patients and those we work with. When you want to run – stop and stand still. You’re missing something.

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