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8 Tips if You Work the Night Shift

8 Tips if You Work the Night Shift

5) Go Off the Grid

Take the phone off the hook, or place the phone out of your room. DO NOT feel like you have to be available to the phone just because someone calls. You may be concerned with missing emergency calls. Work out another system. With a TRUE emergency, someone will come and knock on your window, or bedroom door.

6) White Noise

I have also read many papers on background noise. I sleep with a “spa” type machine that plays a “rain” type sound. A bedside air filter will do the same thing. This not only drowns out any noise that is going on in the house and neighborhood, but it relaxes my mind. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone working night shift.

7) Work Out

Mild to moderate exercise, before you go to work. At the end of the shift, it can get you pumping, and ready to be awake instead of getting ready for sleep.

8) Watch What You Eat

Another point on nutrition. Find a good pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and antioxidant. Even if you eat EVERYTHING raw, and natural, I totally believe the body needs something to fill in all nutritional gaps. There are too many external factors today that comes against our bodies causing free radicals. I have heard people say from time to time they don’t take vitamins because they don’t want expensive pee. Honestly, the body knows what it has need of on a day to day basis.

What I may not need one day, I may need the next. How do you really know? I take extra vitamin D. Research has shown one of the risk categories for Vitamin D deficiency is to work night shift. We just don’t get enough natural sun. I take my vitamins at least twice per day, and I also take a very high grade product. Really, if you take your health seriously, why not invest in something that is going to really give you the bang for your buck?

OK, so those are 8 ideas that are working for me (well, the sunglasses are going to be working for me). I would love to hear what you do to help you stay on track. I take a natural approach, and not prescription drugs. So, I am looking for your natural approach. Thanks, and have a great night. (I mean day)

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