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Why You Should Join Professional Nursing Associations

Why You Should Join Professional Nursing Associations

Donna Cardillo, RN, BS | Verticalnet, Inc.

5. Personal and professional development. Working on committees and holding office are good ways to increase your visibility, develop confidence, and hone your leadership and communication skills. Sharpen your writing skills by submitting an article for your local chapter or state newsletter. Want to practice speaking? Volunteer to give a presentation at a local meeting. Opportunities for growth and development are endless.

6. Information. Stay fully informed about what’s happening in your profession through local and national association publications, newsletters, and e-mails. Stay abreast of legislative, clinical, and licensing information as well as trends in employment and practice. Hear what nurses are doing in your area.

7. Unity. Professional associations allow nurses to speak in one loud voice. Media, legislative, and regulatory sources usually turn to the SNA when they want information, comments, and experts. Also, a statewide association holds clout when attempting to get the attention of important and influential people. Let your voice be heard by attending meetings, expressing your opinion, and getting “in-the-know” about important issues that affect your profession.

8. Broadened perspective. Many of us stay isolated in our facility and unit. Getting out and meeting other nurses is important. When I attended my first ANA convention years ago, meeting nurses from across the country was exhilarating. I discovered that nurses everywhere had the same concerns, challenges, and fears that I did. I also discovered that we all shared the same passion for our profession and patient care and much more. And I made new friends from different parts of the country with whom I still communicate.

Joining professional associations is mandatory for your professional growth and development and a key to career success. If you want to be a champion in your profession, join today.

Reprinted with permission from ( Copyright by Verticalnet, Inc., Horsham, PA., 215-315-3247. All rights reserved.

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