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7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Laura Wisniewski | Nursing Voice

The big day has finally arrived! You are an audience member at your profession’s annual conference. The next presentation is on your subject of expertise and you are excited about the opportunity to learn something new.

The anticipation builds as you listen to the expert’s introduction. The speaker has credentials and initials a mile long. You are ready to be dazzled. Then he or she begins to speak… The “expert” leans on the lectern and proceeds to speak in a monotone voice. You and your colleagues are slowly tortured by facts, figures, “ums” and PowerPoint slides.

There is an epidemic of glazed over expressions on the faces of the participants. Heads begin to nod. Some where around slide 207 you hear a loud “Thump!” as one of those heads hits the table.

Suddenly you remember that you paid hard earned money and took time off from work to attend this conference. “I could do a better job than this!” you declare to yourself.

Why not present as a speaker next time? If you had the opportunity to speak to a group of your peers what would your message be? What is preventing you from taking this important step forward in your professional development?

Once you have decided to take the leap; the following tips will help you achieve your goal with a little style and pizzazz.

1) Find your voice. Healthcare is undergoing a time of dramatic change and transition. The best innovations come from the front lines and not the ivory tower. There is a real need for original perspectives to find solutions for the problems facing healthcare today.

Over the years you may have heard some great speakers and perhaps thought you could never be like them. The good news is that you don’t have to be. Just be yourself and not an imitation of anyone else.

2) Showcase your expertise. Audiences demand credibility. They are asking themselves the question, “Why should I listen to this person?” Your experience, education and certifications may help get you onto the platform. However once there you will need fundamental presentation skills to maintain the attention of the audience.

Far too often in healthcare we rest upon the laurels of our credentials and initials. Very few healthcare speakers have invested the time or resources to develop their presentation skills. Your message is too important to be boring and forgotten.

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