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7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Laura Wisniewski | Nursing Voice

3) Honor adult learning principles. Speaking is a form of education and there are basic principles which must be observed.

Adults are self-directed, problem-oriented and want information that is relevant and can be immediately applied to their work. They expect respect for their time and experience.

Employ a variety of presentation methods to accommodate different learning styles. Some adults learn best by seeing, others by hearing or doing.

The traditional lecture method used predominantly in healthcare appeals to only a portion of audience members. In addition try adding visual aids, role-playing, group activities or games. The possibilities are endless.

4) Serve the audience. If your objective is self- promotion please step down from the plaform. Speaking is a priviledge. It is about meeting the needs of the audience, not your own. Focusing your attention on the audience and your message is also the best remedy for stage fright. If your purpose is one of service you will be successful.

5) Share your stories. Storytelling has been embraced by the speaking profession, educators and business professionals as one of the best ways to connect with audiences. We have been transferring knowledge via stories throughout human history.

Stories engage both the thinking left brain and the feeling right brain of the listener. Combining the facts while stimulating an emotional response through storytelling will help the audience remember your points.

It is also easier to remember stories because you were there. By developing your own signature stories you become associated with them. The audience may not remember your name but they will remember your story.

A special note: To respect confidentiality, conceal any identifying characteristics while maintaining the essence of the story.

6) Be theatrical. Don’t just stand there like a post! As you tell your stories breathe life into them by utilizing a few simple acting techniques.

Use facial expressions and gestures. We naturally and effortlessly include both in our everyday conservations. However many speakers suddenly turn into stone when presenting before a group. Practice in front of a mirror or video tape yourself.

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