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7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

7 Presentation Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Laura Wisniewski | Nursing Voice

Add vocal variety. When speaking to a group your manner of speech should be conversational and slightly larger than life. Also think of the potential range of your voice as the colors of the rainbow. How many colors are you using?

Develop characters. Draw from people you know as the frame work for your characters. Even a slight change in voice quality, pace, or inflection will help create distinct personalities.

Improvise. A canned speech will sound like one. Customized presentations will promote spontaneity and audience interaction.

7) Have fun! If you are having fun, your audience will too. It is well known that humor is the shortest distance between two people. This is also another great technique to help you relax during your presentation. Even if your subject matter is extremely serious some well placed humor will help break the tension.

As healthcare professionals we have dedicated our lives to helping others. Speaking is a way to reach a much larger group than ever possible in your every day practice.

Imagine how many people could benefit from your innovative ideas or techniques. Share your passion and experience with your profession.

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