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4 Simple Tax Tips for Nurses

4 Simple Tax Tips for Nurses

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Most nurses do a good job at taking care of others but can sometimes neglect themselves. Tax season can be one of those times. So it’s important to take some time to think about what you need to file your taxes on time and whether you’re going to need help in getting them filed. Here is a general guideline to help you decide on how much help you need….or not. Which of these describes your tax situation:

1. You’re single or married and you just have W-2s to worry about. Oh, I wish I was you. Ahh… to live a simpler life again. Just file these yourself. You can even use free software now found online. H&R Block is one example.

2. You have a W-2 and some itemizations, but otherwise a straightforward return. You’re a prime candidate for a DIY software program usually available at Target and Staples, etc. Read this consumer blog for tips on the best software package that would fit your personality and financial profile.

3. You have a home business or are self-employed. All of us Wellness Nurses have our own business through USANA and most of us are also employed – either self or otherwise. This is where you’re gonna need to pay some dough and get a little help. You can upgrade your DIY software for the premium package. But even so, you better know what you’re doing or have a girlfriend with a smart hubby. Otherwise, ask your local Facebook friends for a recommendation for a CPA.

4. You’ve had a complicated financial year and the word 1099 and W-2 are child’s play. Well, then you know the answer here. Hire a CPA yesterday! Those of us who have a flourishing USANA business have the time to build a business and look at investment opportunities as well. So I hope many of you are in this category. Sometimes, you can’t afford NOT to hire a CPA. You pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down?

If you have a particular tax question, post it in the comments and our forum can probably guide you along. We’ve got many nurses watching this blog so there’s likely someone who has been there, done that. Don’t get too personal with your questions obviously. This is the internet after all.

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