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6 Myths About Job Hunting During a Recession

6 Myths About Job Hunting During a Recession

By Cherie Berkley

The job market is tight. Competition is stiff. But, if you are one of the thousands tasked with getting a new job in this poor economy, all is not lost. Hopefully, you can move more quickly from the unemployment line to a job offer once you get past these six common myths about job-hunting during a recession.

Myth No. 1: No one is hiring during a recession.

Layoffs are happening, but some employers – even those laying off workers — are still hiring. Companies often eliminate full-time employees with budget-busting benefits only to replace them with contractors or consultants to save costs. Additionally, “green” jobs and health care jobs are among those still actively populating want ads. And, the pay is respectable. For instance, shows the median annual salary of an environmental engineer with 3-5 years experience is $60,672.

Myth No. 2: The Internet is the best place for finding jobs in a recession.

The Internet is an efficient way to survey jobs among many companies, but personal interaction is still the smartest way to find a job during a recession. Truth is, employers are bombarded with thousands of resumes from the Internet. Therefore, the chance that your new boss will choose your resume out of a pile of prospects is slimmer than ever. Instead, focus on finding a position, apply for it, and then do some research and connect personally with a hiring manager in the company to follow-up. Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, also offer a great way to connect with targeted employees on your company dream list. These connections are golden because they can give you insider info about unpublished positions and help you sail past HR “blockers.” Personal recommendations go much farther in landing a job during a recession than random resumes.

Myth No. 3: Searching companies in hiring freezes is a waste of time.

Like many situations in life, hiring freezes are not absolute. Savvy networking, the right face-to-face meeting, and the ability to sell skills critical to the prospective company can be the perfect formula for lighting a fire under an employer in a hiring freeze. Behind closed doors, hiring managers are told to make exceptions for spectacular candidates that can show them the money, especially in a recession when every dollar counts.

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