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12 Survival Tips for Night Shift Nurses

12 Survival Tips for Night Shift Nurses

3. Wear a good quality digital watch all the time. At night, the body tends to relax naturally and the digital watch’s bright display will keep the time in front of you all the time. You’ll never miss a patient’s medication schedule if you keep looking at your watch now and then.

4. When you get home after daybreak, don’t go to sleep immediately. Relax for a while, watch TV or do housework. Your body will tell you when you’re ready to sleep and your sleep will be more relaxed.

5. Make sure you manage your shifts in such a way that you sync with your family’s day and night schedules. Keep synch points for kids, spouse, parents, or roommates so that you don’t feel out of the loop. This will give you a sense of normalcy and make you feel that you’re all on the same clock.

6. If you work multiple shifts, try to gradually work towards the night shift. Go from day shift to evening shift and then to night shift so that your body adjusts to the work timings.

7. It’s tempting to work more night shifts to make the differential pay. However, try and save that money for unexpected changes in case of illness, or disability. To make sure that you are motivated the right way, use your differential income to pay back loans or to make investments.

8. Keep your personal business for the time when you’re the most alert. You may want to pay bills, check your child’s homework, and make important calls and so on. It’s best to make use of your shift ending time in the mornings for these tasks. You’ll be alert and awake when your shift ends, just before your body starts decompressing for its ‘nighttime’.

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