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6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

Brittney Wilson | NursingLink

It’s no secret that nursing is dominated by women; as of 2010, only 5.4% of nurses were male. However, in a female-heavy industry, male nurses are often not given the appreciation they deserve. This may not be the popular opinion, especially when so many women these days go with the, “I don’t need a man” attitude, but this nurse really appreciates having male nurses around. Male nurses provide unique character attributes to the nursing profession.

How? Let me explain.

Gender Bias?

Stories of female patients admiring their male nurses are not uncommon. Very modest women, even in their most vulnerable state, have a great appreciation for the care that a male nurse provides. It is a comforting feeling, as a woman, to know a male is caring for you, even if it’s professional, platonic care. In clinical practice, it appears that the open acceptance of male nurses, even by the most modest of women, has been the rule, rather than the exception.

It’s a common assumption that female patients want female nurses. While this may be true for some procedures or treatments, it’s surprising how many females want and appreciate a male nurse. Little old ladies seem to be smitten when a male nurse cares for them. We have all heard countless stories about how old Mrs. Jones would only take her meds for Johnathan, the night shift nurse. It is not uncommon to have patients who won’t lift a finger all day, and then miraculously have the ability to assist in turns, or even get up and walk, when a male nurse steps into the picture. The dominating presence of a man is enough to make many patients, male or female, straighten up and act right.

Physical Strength

We still call a code “Man-power” when we need support for heavy lifting. It’s a wonder someone hasn’t tried to sue a healthcare organization for this sexist term, but we use it daily, without evening thinking of how chauvinist the words may come across. Why? Men have more muscle mass then women and, naturally, can lift things more easily than women. Simple reality: most men are physically stronger than most women.

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