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6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

Brittney Wilson | NursingLink

Friendly Competition

Many female nurses don’t want to be outdone by our male counterparts. Male nurses offer different perspectives and approaches to the practice. They present new ideas about information because their brains are wired differently than females. As nurses, we possess an amount of integrity that forces us to strive to be the best at what we do; it’s one of our most valuable assets. Since our goal is to deliver care to the best of our abilities, any challenge that helps us meet this goal is always welcome. We naturally compete with our male coworkers, as we do with each other. Whether it’s a battle of the sexes, or simple hospital competition, male nurses make us better nurses.


It may seem stereotypical, but men tend to be less involved in gossip and cattiness. As professionals, we should all avoid this type of behavior, but we all know it exists, and it’s a daily struggle to overcome gossipy behavior. Perhaps women don’t pull men into the gossip as often, or men choose to end the game of telephone with them. After all, it’s hard for rumors and gossip to spread if there are no willing participants. This is not to state that male nurses don’t participate, it just appears that they do gossip less often and usually less dramatically than female nurses.

Great to Have at the Potluck

One of the benefits of working in nursing is the camaraderie that you develop and share with you coworkers. And since breaking bread with one another helps to facilitate those lasting bonds, it’s no surprise that opportunities that involve food are embraced well and remembered by all. Ask a male nurse to join in on a potluck, and they’ll often have some wonderful specialty item like a signature deer chili, or salsa mix you’ve been craving since the Superbowl.

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