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6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

6 Reasons Male Nurses Rock

Brittney Wilson | NursingLink

Male Nurses Enjoy What They Do

If you asked every male nurse if he enjoys being a nurse, chances are 99% of them will tell you: Yes. Nursing is an overall enjoyable profession, with constant opportunities for growth and change. Men and women should never be bored in nursing because there is always the ability to do something different and experience new things. As nurses, we are part of a career that that can start in one place and end in another direction.

Because so many male nurses enjoy what they do, they often are enjoyable to work with. No one wants to work with Negative Nurse Nancy, but everyone wants to work with Cool and Collective Kyle. As a minority in the workforce, male nurses tend to pick their battles carefully and thoughtfully. When someone enjoys their work, they encourage you to enjoy yours as well. Nursing needs more individuals with different perspective, backgrounds, and ideas in order to grow and improve.

Why More Men Should Pursue Nursing

In a time where male unemployment rates are higher than those of women (10.5% male, verses 8.6% female in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and the healthcare industry continues to expand, nursing is a much more attractive profession for everyone to pursue.

So female nurses, embrace the male nurses in your life. Don’t see them as a threat to our guarded practice. We are not a secret female society; nursing is a growing profession that needs the talent and commitment of men and women in order to promote growth and innovation in healthcare.

Nursing needs passionate individuals who have a desire to improve the lives of others. We need forward thinkers, movers and shakers, and a commitment to caring. We need X and Y chromosomes. We need more nurses, male and female.

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