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Public Not-For-Profit Hospital Vs. a Private For-Profit Corporate Hospital

Public Not-For-Profit Hospital Vs. a Private For-Profit Corporate Hospital

Brittney Wilson | The Nerdy Nurse

I work for a private, corporate hospital as a floor nurse. I am precepting at a public, independent hospital in an administrative role. The differences in the way things are done and the possibilities for change and innovation are astounding. As much as I am a loyalists, and would really love to stay where I am, as a nurse who wants to be a part of positive change in healthcare, this may prove to be more difficult than anticipated for many of the reasons which I have listed:

What I have noticed the Public Hospital does that the Private Doesn’t:

1. Promote conversations about change and improvements.

2. Has the ability to change and improve their EMAR based upon the needs specific to the community and the organization.

3. Appears to be less budget-conscious – by this I mean that every question/suggestions/scenario wasn’t followed by a money concern – they were purely workflow, patient, and people oriented.

4. Embraces students and promotes education – perhaps this is just the outsider phenomena, but every person I have met has been thrilled at the prospect of having me shadow them.

5. People do not seem to be job scared. In fact, they are trying to recruit more employees and make new departments to handle the increased growth of the facility. Actually before I stepped foot into the door, the manager asked to review my resume and alluded the fact that if I wanted a job that there were plenty of opportunities for me.

6. Rewards and recognition for the nurses and other healthcare members are more noticeable and seemed to promote a greater feeling of appreciation amongst the employees.

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