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Public Not-For-Profit Hospital Vs. a Private For-Profit Corporate Hospital

Public Not-For-Profit Hospital Vs. a Private For-Profit Corporate Hospital

Brittney Wilson | The Nerdy Nurse

7. Everyone smiles.This isn’t just a coincidence, in fact, it’s a job requirement. When you are hired at the public hospital the standard is set for a smile and a pleasant demeanor. Really, I’ve noticed this for years, as being a big difference between the hospitals, but it really does make a difference in your experience in the hospital. When people around you smile and are positive, it makes it a heck of a lot easier for you to do the same. Positivity breads positivity.

8. Encourage promotions and potential for growth within the organization.

9. The meetings are productive and positive and combine personal style and humanity with the tasks at hand.

10. Innovation is a daily occurrence across the organization.

Here’s what it boils down to: Money.

It seems like every decision at the private hospital is always carrying the budget string. While ultimately I understand that a hospital is a business, it is so discouraging to always like everything is negotiable based upon prices tag. While at the public hospital the concerns were based upon workflow and what it would do for patient care, then budget was discussed, almost as a add on. And this was on an administrative level even. As a floor nurse the budget is forced down my throat at the private, for-profit hospital. However, even the people who control the budgets do not seem to focus on it primarily.

I have to say, its been incredibly refreshing to have the patients and staff be the primary focus of the work put forward. It felt to me as if people were what matters not profit, and it was beautiful.

Please note, these are just my personal observations and opinions about the experiences I have had. They do not reflect what either organization has set forward as what they intend to represent. I am not a representative for either hospital and my opinions are my own. I will also say that going to visit and living somewhere are two entirely different scenarios, so I do know that as an outsider I may be seeing the through rose-colored glasses, but they sure are pretty.

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