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Body Language Cues for Nurses

Body Language Cues for Nurses

Sharon Sayler | Scrubs Magazine

2. Arms straight down by your sides. This one is physically the most natural, yet often the most uncomfortable to do. It may feel like you’re standing at attention, but it won’t look that way unless you lock your knees. So loosen up the stance a bit and try the arms down by your sides.

3. “Weatherperson” stance. This is the combination of one forearm waist-high in front of your body with the wrist at the same height as the elbow, and the other arm down to your side—a pose often used by your TV weatherperson. This is an excellent stance of confidence.

Other nonverbals that display self-confidence:

Good posture and relaxed, natural (low) breathing. Comfortable, natural breathing is a key nonverbal that shows you’re confident with who you are. Breathe slowly and deeply.
— Stand tall and avoid slouching. Not only do you look defeated when slouching, but you can’t breathe well.
— Move with assurance.
— Watch for any fidgets or nervous gestures, such as twirling rings or playing with your clothes.

When it comes to inspiring and influencing patients and coworkers, it’s important to say the right words, and just as important to use nonverbal cues that correctly align with your best intentions.

Sharon Sayler, MBA, is a Communications Success Strategist who trains professionals on how to become stronger, more influential communicators and leaders. Her latest book, What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message), is available wherever books are sold, including, and

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