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5 Rules to Follow When Working With Doctors

Kathy Quan | NursingLink

Full Assessment

Rule #2: Make a Full Assessment

Where is the pain? What is the nature and quality of the pain? What else have you tried besides medication? Try to relax the patient by giving him a back rub, closing the blinds, turning off the TV, or asking visitors to leave. Always check the vital signs.

Objectively, what would you measure the pain at? Use a PAINAD scale. Is he in agony, or is he moving freely and talking with friends? Grimacing? Guarding? Thrashing around in the bed? How’s the pain affecting his quality of life? Is he able to sleep, eat, and/or move? It’s not your place to pass judgment. Pain is subjective, but paint a clear and honest picture of the situation so the doctor can make an informed decision.

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