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5 Rules to Follow When Working With Doctors

Kathy Quan | NursingLink

Complete Report

Rule #3: Give a Concise Yet Complete Report

If you call the doctor, give a complete and concise report such as, “Your patient, Mr. Smith, who is status post MVA times 2 days, is experiencing 8/10 pain. I gave him XYZ medication 55 minutes ago for 9/10 pain. He’s complaining of dull, constant pain in the fracture site of his right femur and he’s grimacing and guarding with any movement.

The cast doesn’t appear to be too tight. His pedal pulses are strong and good, his foot is warm and pink, he can freely move his toes, and has no edema. His BP is 152/82 and his heart rate is 90 and regular. His respirations are 20. He’s afebrile. He’s also mildly nauseated. He’s using cold packs, we’ve pulled the blinds, the TV is off and the room is quiet. His wife has been trying some soothing imagery with him, but he’s not getting any relief. He has had 3 doses of XYZ in the past 12 hours. The previous 2 gave him better relief to 5-6/10 pain, but this one isn’t helping. What else do you suggest?”

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