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5 Rules to Follow When Working With Doctors

Kathy Quan | NursingLink


Rule #5: Be Deserving of Respect

In order to command respect, you first have to display respect. And if you want others to know that you are capable, intelligent, and passionate about providing quality care, you have to convey that message. Some doctors will never acknowledge nurses as intelligent, capable individuals; but many doctors love to teach, and if you present them with a wealth of information to consider, they will be happy to provide you with the information and orders that you need to provide excellent care for their patients. Remember, you don’t report to doctors, you work with them. Be proud!

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Featured Author: Kathy Quan
Kathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN, has over 30 years of experience in home health and hospice care. Teaching patients, caregivers, and other nurses has always been a passion of hers. She also loves to write and has several websites and blogs for nurses, caregivers, and patients. Kathy has also authored four books about nursing, the health care field and caring for aging parents. Follow Kathy on Facebook and Twitter.

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